Poetree Supports BarCamp Swaziland

PoetreeLogoThank you to the new organization, Poetree, for donating a DJ to the event.   The transitions between our sessions will now be funky and fun with our DJ’s help!  Thank you Poetree!

Sunset Backpackers will host youth for BarCamp Swaziland

SunsetLogo_croppedThank you to Sunset Backpackers who have volunteered to host nine rural youth from YouthAssets the day before BarCamp Swaziland for time to get to know each other and technology.  They will also host the youth overnight for a discounted rate.  Thank you Sunset Backpackers!

i.t. solutions Sponsors BarCamp Swaziland

logo i t solutions(6)i.t. solutions has sponsored BarCamp Swaziland by purchasing a table at the event.  Come and see their latest products and services at BarCamp Swaziland!

The Swazi Times Sponsors BarCamp Swaziland

timesofswazilandThank you to the Times of Swaziland for their sponsorship of two days of advertising for BarCamp Swaziland! We also appreciate their coverage of our planning this first-of-its-kind event!

Now You Can Also Register at Real Image Internet Cafes

RI_logo_3If paying via mobile is not for you…you can go to Real Image Internet Cafes in Mbabane or Manzini.  Pay the registration fee there and receive a code to SMS to finalize your registration.

Real Image Sponsors BarCamp Swaziland

RI_logo_3Thank you to Ali Resting and his team at Real Image for sponsoring BarCamp Swaziland!  We appreciate their investment in innovation their support of the Swaziland technology community!  Also, check out their table at the event to learn about their newest services and products!!

SANGONet Sponsors BarCamp Swaziland

final logo_sangotech-barcampSANGONet, a South African civil society organization and “one of very few NGOs in Africa involved in the field of information communication technologies (ICTs)”, will be sponsoring BarCamp Swaziland by purchasing a table to display their services at the event.  Both Matthew de Gale and Botswang Kgeledi are coming from Johannesburg to both represent SANGONet AND to participate in sessions talking about social media, community, mobile, and more!

BarCamp Swaziland Partners with Swazis Rock

swazisrockdotcom_nobgSwazis Rock has partnered with YouthAssets and BarCamp Swaziland to join forces for a Facebook party at House on Fire after the event! Entertainment includes a live performance and two DJs!!  BarCamp Swaziland attendees get in for free! Hope to see you there!

House on Fire Generously Donates Venue

Logo of House on Fire

Logo of House on Fire

House on Fire Generously donated their very creative venue space for BarCamp Swaziland which will be great space to discuss technology and innovation.  Thank you to Jiggs, Jeanine, and House on Fire for supporting our event!

US Company Invests in BarCamp Swaziland

Logo_Comparatio_USA,_LLCUnderstanding that investment in innovation, especially in Africa, will add to tech development globally, Comparatio, a US tech company has agreed to sponsor BarCamp Swaziland!

Comparatio is an innovative software company that provides custom software solutions to customers around the globe.  Most applications are developed as tailor-made online systems.  Check out the free Open Source Web development framework at www.comparatio.com.

Comparatio has also published articles on Flex Database Applications, Simple Server Backends, and Template Based Application Design.

Thank you Comparatio!