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Thanks, Mlungisi, for Blogging About Your Experience at BarCamp!

Thanks, Mlungisi, for attending BarCamp Swaziland and for your thoughtful comments on your blog post about your experience!  We are so glad you enjoyed your experience and your suggestions will be used for BarCamp Swaziland 2010!  We hope you can help us organize the next one!  Check out Mlungisi’s post on barcampafrica.com hosted on Maneno:


Posting on BarCamp Swaziland at expertgeneralist.com

sharakarasicBCSThanks to Shara Karasic at www.expertgeneralist.com on her post summarizing BarCamp Swaziland.  Check out the post HERE…..appreciate the  post….and your involvement in BarCamp Swaziland.

Interview with Ali Resting, General Manager of Real Image Internet

 Check out this awesome interview of Ali Resting, Real Image‘s General Manager, on 27 June 2009 at BarCamp Swaziland.  Thank you to Mr. Resting for his thoughtful analysis of the state of technology in Swaziland and to both Shara Karasic and envisionGood.tv for documenting our day.

Real Image: a major sponsor of BarCamp Swaziland

RI_logo_3Big thanks to Real Image – an ISP and related technology services provider in Swaziland – for their support of BarCamp Swaziland!!  Not only did they cover a major portion of the costs of the event, they sent their entire tech team of 12 people to attend!  Thank you for partnering with us, Real Image, and we loved your in-depth contributions to the sessions.  You will be seeing some more from their team soon with our upcoming videos!

i.t. solutions Sponsors BarCamp Swaziland

logo i t solutions(6)i.t. solutions has sponsored BarCamp Swaziland by purchasing a table at the event.  Come and see their latest products and services at BarCamp Swaziland!

The Swazi Times Sponsors BarCamp Swaziland

timesofswazilandThank you to the Times of Swaziland for their sponsorship of two days of advertising for BarCamp Swaziland! We also appreciate their coverage of our planning this first-of-its-kind event!